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Category: News


Cling to quality or swim with the sharks?

In this week’s Perspectives, fund manager David Jane asks if it is time to look beyond bonds and turn to...


A year of two halves?

In this week’s Perspectives, Multi Asset fund manager Anthony Rayner discusses the key issues for the second half of the...


There is more to property than UK bricks and mortar

David Jane discusses Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and why it is an asset class that will always be considered...


“Lower for longer” on steroids

In this week’s perspectives, Anthony Rayner explores how the “lower for longer” dynamic is starting to dominate markets again.


The law of unintended consequences

In this week’s Perspectives, Miton Multi Asset Fund Manager David Jane discusses liquidity and its importance as a measure of...


Page 20 - Miton duo increases position in UK micro caps in anticipation of market rebound

Nick Greenwood and Charlotte Cuthbertson explain why they have recently bought four UK micro-cap trusts trading on double-digit discounts.


A unique cocktail of risks shines a light onto gold

In this week’s Perspectives, Anthony Rayner explains why it feels sensible to have gold as a diversifier in a portfolio.


Miton's Moore: Where to find income in financials

Miton’s Eric Moore highlights five UK financial stocks he holds in the FP Miton Income fund that are among his...


Are falling bond yields warning of an impending recession?

David Jane comments on traditional indicators of a recession – such as falling bond yields, which are no longer as...


Ever lower bond yields

In this week’s Perspectives, David Jane discusses how central banks are creating an artificial reality to avoid a second financial...