We are a genuinely active investment management company

We are a genuinely active investment management company


We are a UK asset management group that believes in the value of genuinely active management. We offer high conviction, actively managed equity strategies that seek to deliver strong long-term investment performance. We offer multi-asset strategies that seek to deliver a predictable outcome.

Our fund managers have the scope to perform on an unconstrained basis and follow strong investment processes. They invest across a range of asset classes such as company shares or bonds, that in their judgement have the ability to deliver returns without being constrained by a benchmark.

We are independently minded and seek to offer strategies that deliberately set out to be different from many of those our competitors offer. We believe this differentiation and focus on a wider range of opportunities provides our investment managers with the flexibility to add more value for investors and to manage risk effectively.

The asset management industry is facing a time of unparalleled challenges, particularly in its ability to deliver value to its underlying clients. It is our belief that genuinely active management can make a real difference to investment returns.

We are a growing business with a desire for further growth, with foundations rooted in our values:

  • Unconstrained – we are genuinely active in mind and deed, combining pragmatism, versatility and independence.
  • Assertive – we have the courage of our convictions and are ambitious in our goals.
  • Collegiate – we believe our strength lies in the sum of our parts, based on a sense of inclusion and belonging.
  • Open – we are personal, accessible and responsive being straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Responsible – we always seek to act in the best interest of our clients being both transparent and accountable.
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